Castleisland Day Care Limited is a voluntary company limited by guarantee with charitable status. Core funding which cover staffing costs and day to day running of the centre is provided by the H.S.E.

Local groups often take the initiative to fundraise on behalf of the day centre- one such group was the sixth year boys of the secondary school. The event was Tag Rugby and the total of €694.27 was raised. It is very encouraging to see local schools and young people becoming involved in their community in this way.

However, Castleisland Day Care Centre relies heavily on the generosity of local individuals and groups for necessary funds to maintain the level of care provided and towards the centre’s upkeep.

Major Fundraising Drives in the Past

Initial Fundraising €199,000
Greyhound Night 2003 €13,252
Physiotherapy Unit €100,000

Sponsored Leisure Cycle

Since 2007 an annual sponsored leisure cycle during September has been organised with the assistance of Currow cycle club. This is the ideal cycle for families and beginners as well as seasoned cyclists because it incorporates three courses, a short course of 10 kilometres, a second 20 kilometre route and for the more ambitious cyclists 50 kilometres. Each year the cycle is increasing in popularity.If interested in participating sponsorship cards are available from mid August every year from members of Currow cycle club or at the day centre.
Currow Cycling Club presenting 2018 Cycle cheque

Donations are Always Welcomed to Castleisland Day Care Centre

RiverIsland Card Players Donation

Church Gate Collections

Local church gate collections are held in Castleisland , Cordal, Scartaglen, Currow, Currans, Brosna and Knocknagoshel churches during the months of September and October.


Clients and friends of Castleisland Day Care Centre have recorded a second CD. This CD will be launched in February, 2012 to coincide with our ten year anniversary. CDs will be available from local shops and the Day Centre at a cost of €10

“Wisdom in togetherness” a book of reflections, stories and letters by day care clients was launched by Ireland Rugby Captain and Irish player of the year Ciara Griffin in the Day Care in 2019. Book is available to purchase from the day centre or from Jackie Reidy’s or Hickey’s in the town at a cost of €5

During the crisis in 2020 all of our clients had to cocoon and they found that they had a lot of time on their hands with little to do
Prior COVID lockdown Castleisland Day Care Centre has started a knitting project which we run every year with all the finished products going to an orphanage in Belarus a charity which we have links with through one of our clients.
We managed to order knitting wool online and distribute to our knitters’ homes where the project was continued with great enthusiasm
We now have over forty knitted blankets which we would normally be sending to our chosen charity in Belarus, but due to lockdown we are unable to do so. We are now offering these knitted blankets for sale with all the proceeds going towards our own meals on wheels services
If you are interested in supporting the Day Care Centre by purchasing a knitted blanket please contact us through our Facebook page or on 066 7143865

Other Fundraisers

Photographic Slide Show

A very successful fundraiser was held at the Ivy Leaf Art Theatre during April 2010. This was a collection of old photos from Mr Tim Murphy’s collection of slides depicting Castleisland from the 1900s. Amount raised on the two nights was €1,503

Mr Tim Murphy is hosting another one of these photographic slide shows in the Ivy Leaf Theatre on Thursday Dec 29th and Friday Dec 30th 2011 at 3pm.Admission €5 at the door.

This is a great opportunity for any one visiting the area to get a rare glimpse of Castleisland of by gone times.

All proceeds go to Castleisland Day Care Centre


Route Safety

Castleisland Day Care Cycle is a leisure cycle and is not a race therefore please be mindful of less experienced cyclists and try to ensure all participants enjoy a safe event.

There will be a group start at 10.00 am from Castleisland Day Care Centre grounds. Both routes will be clearly sign posted with stewards providing additional directions.

The event will be fully stewarded by friends of Castleisland Day Care Centre and members of Currow Cycling Club. Stewards are there for your safety so please follow their instructions.

Exits and Junctions will be assigned to specific stewards in advance of the event. Stewarding and communications will be monitored and coordinated by mobile phone.

The event will be accompanied by a fully equipped Red Cross Ambulance and two trained personnel.

Gardai have granted a permit for the event and there will be Garda back up at key locations.

The wearing of a hard-shell cycling helmet is compulsory during the event.

Bicycles must be of a road worthy condition. Brakes should be working properly and tyres inflated to the right pressure and in good condition Follow the Rules of the road which normally apply to cyclists

Short Route

The short route is 15 kms long and is aimed at beginner and leisure cyclists. It will start at Castleisland Day Care Centre grounds, travel through Castleisland town past the fountain out the Killarney Road Straight on at the Killarney Road Roundabout, turning left at Lisheenbawn towards Currow village.

At Currow village left towards Lower Dromulton, Left at Ballybeg towards Davy Roches Cross where you turn left back in towards Garvey’s of Castleisland. The Short Route returns to the finish point at the Day Care Centre.

Long Route

The Long Route is 80 kms long and will follow the short route before turning right at the Killarney Road Roundabout On towards the Tralee Road Roundabout and on towards Tralee.

Straight on at the Ballycarthy Roundabout towards the Tralee Bypass Roundabout Left at the Tralee Bypass Roundabout   Right at the (Tralee) Killarney Road Roundabout and on towards Farranfore.

Turn Left at Farranfore towards Buckley’s shop. Left at Buckley’s shop to Scartaglen. Left at Scartaglen back towards Davy Roches Cross Left at Lower Dromulton, Left at Scart GAA Cross.

Left at Church St around the Fountain and up Main St and Back to Day Care Centre for finish.

Day Care Centre Cycle Launch

Follow the Rules of the road which normally apply to cyclists

  • Never weave unpredictably in and out of traffic
  • Cycle no more than two abreast during the event.
  • Make sure you keep to the left
  • Always use clear hand signals when turning or pulling in or out.
  • Check for traffic before crossing at a junction