Important Notice 

Meals on Wheels 

Castleisland Day Care Centre realise the importance of maintaining Meals on Wheels, which commenced at the beginning of the pandemic, and has proved to be essential to many of the people who avail of it

We will be continuing this service going forward

Laundry Service
Castleisland Day Care Centre continues to operates a laundry service from the centre

The service is available to all Day Care Centre clients and anyone in the community who is eligible and in need of the service

If you know anyone who would need or benefit from our Meals on Wheels or Laundry Service please call us on 066 7143865 


Mission Statement

To present a positive image of ageing by supporting the independence and dignity of the older people of the area.

Aims and Objectives

Castleisland Day Care Centre has a number of aims and objectives, which are all centred around the older person.

These aims and objectives include:

  • To present a respectful approach to the older people
  • To support the older person in the community in partnership with carer, families and H.S.E.
  • To provide a social outlet for older people in the community thus preventing loneliness
  • To develop a forum to provide information for older people so that older people can make informed decisions in respect of their lifestyles and entitlements
  • To promote the health and social gain of older people
  • To promote, provide and encourage activities which improves the lives of older people
  • To provide services such as mid-day meal, bathing, laundry, occupational therapy, physiotherapy nursing, and hairdressing

Castleisland Day Care Centre provides elderly day care services Monday to Friday.